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Thanks for giving me more information. Being an adult you have been able to make a career for yourself and make your own home. You’d be in no danger of being kicked out if your parents didn’t agree with your coming out. I’ve heard 9 out of 10 Trans folx are made homeless by their families in India. I’m glad for you about the Rights of Transgender Persons Bill of 2014. Have you researched how your life might be after you come out? I’m concerned about your welfare there. Did you contact that other support group I sent you? About coming out…I think slow and easy is probably best. I tried it that way, my family didn’t accept me. So I tried to educate them for 20 years and, well, that didn’t work either. Ultimately I designed a naming ceremony, as a Christian service, and invited them and friends to it. My dad became borderline violent. He liked me better as a son. Thing is, my gender isn’t for him to decry/decide. I disowned my dad that day to be rid of his transphobia. It may sound sad, but I really don’t miss his or any other family or friend’s hateful ways about my gender. If coming out makes you feel better, best of luck to you, but know that there’s no requirement to do it.



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