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Danielle Fox


For me it would have to be Princess Leia, Wonder Woman, Super Girl, The Lone Ranger, John Wayne, and Sally Fields. Odd mix but it does reflect my generation and what was relevant as a kid through my teen years. The Bond girls are a given as role models as they were either top models or actresses of the times and of course Seam Connery is the man! Anyway my generation was rife with role models to choose from and there was so much hope for the future of this country and the world. Alas, the abandonment  of the space shuttle program just Feels like a huge mistake. But my all time role model is Christa McAuliff. A school teacher from Ohio who was chosen to go up on a shuttle mission which ended in tragedy. How brave to be a non military person, a normal teacher, and go into the most hazardous environment known to man just to do some experiments to teach children. I mourn our loss of a true hero and a space program which was second to none.


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