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 Danielle Fox 


Hi Miri,

That shuttle disaster was one I watched on TV at my last duty station in the USAF. We were in the middle of a war week (annual operational inspection) and we were all standing around in full chemical gear stunned. The inspection was canceled and flags went to half mast. Both shuttle disasters affected the world in different ways but I felt there was more which could have been done to revitalize the program after the second one. I still believe that the USAF space division will put a shuttle of some type into operation in the near future. Mankind’s future is not here on Earth but out beyond our solar system. If we don’t explore our solar system and beyond I feel Mankind will perish along with our planet. It may even be too late already at the rate of polar ice cap melt.

Whew that was dark! Sorry! Christa will be a true hero in my heart. Firefighters and Police officers and the military are the true hero’s of the day, Teachers too just because of either protecting us or teaching us they are underpaid and overworked.

Love ❤️ and hugs 🤗



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