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Miriya Paris


Hello,  my current goto is an app called:

Workout for Women: Fitness App by Fast Builder Limited


It has a variety of short and some longer workouts from beginner to more advanced.  If you combine a few you can target specific areas you need to work on.  Best part it is free.  Plus keeps track of what you have done and your favorites.  I personally like the Angel Body, Angel Abs, and for a quick sets Ab Blaster, and Thigh Burner but I add resistance bands for the last as to build up a bit vs tone down.   Can not say I have lost a lot of weight using it but I have gotten rid of my love handles, and toned my tummy a lot.  My hope is once I get to a certain BMI I will loose start to loose a bit.  Also I add self stretching after every work out as this helps tighten and tone stuff.  Especially hip opening stretches, as I have a butt/hip dysphoria fairly bad.

I will have to look up the figure 8 as it sounds good.

In the past a tried a bit of belly dancing and heavy hula hooping but you have to be very constant with your workouts like 3 times a week for 20-30 min to see results.



Ps Off topic but corset training for a couple of hours a day helps too in whittling down your waist, but add a core work out with it as your back and tummy muscles will get weak if you do not. And do not eat when training as you can get heart burn.

PPs. Also a good Shiatsu Hara massage or tummy pressing can work the bowels and remove some built up waist/toxins in your intestines and make your stomach a bit smaller.



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