Reply To: When did you start to suspect you needed to transition

Miriya Paris


This is a question dear to my heart as it is for a lot of use here.  When did I suspect.  Well… I certainly had signs when younger: Trying to be like mommy in the tub around 4 with the bubbles, or playing Barbie’s with my sister where I got to be her little sis, or playing dress up in my mom’s stuff around 7. Or even in high school where I would lay awake at night day dreaming of being magically turned into a girl.  Maybe even collage where I finally bought my own clothing and dared to go out full fem, even if in secret.

However my very first inkling that I was transgender was when I went to the TGEA support group in DC and met others who were from all areas of the T spectrum.  I was immediately lumped into and friended by the. TS girls and brought in like a sister.  However it was only an inkling as I was in self denial and towed the CD line.  I think they just smiled and said she will come around when she is ready.  However it still was in the back of my mind at this point.  Fast forward till about 8 years ago, and the full realization struck home, after reading Helen Boyd’s books.  From that point forward I had full realization that I was the preverbal woman trapped syndrome.  Unfortunately life has it’s little trials and the journey continues.




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