Reply To: I'm doing great in my life.

Adrianna Baine

  1. Hi Adrianna. You are so special. Dealing with new business and finding right employees is very difficult. You are dealing with your gender issue at same time wow good for you. I now believe that people really do not understand what a transgender person is all about. Most people have never met one. You are introducing them to world they do not understand. At the end of the day we make more of it than they do. You are doing it right. I work in construction there are more more woman at each job site. My best advice dress appropriately for the job. Do not go over the top. So what if your wearing woman’s jeans or your hair is long. If you are fair with your employees and you know what you are doing they will respect you. They are relying on you to feed there families. Great job 👍 Stephanie good story

True,two of them pay child support which gets garnished out of their pay check.Get paid on Friday

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