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 Miriya Paris 


I think before my understanding I was still emotional and let them show a bit more then a normal cis male. Personally I do not think it is ok even for a grown woman to run around in tears all the time and she must hide her feelings.  This is part of a woman’s mysterious nature.  She knows how to laugh when she is crying 😢 inside.  Men just brood or sulk and it is easier to guess what he is feeling.

As little girls learn to be part of socal circles they learn to hide them selfs with in the circles as woman can be very caddie at times, and they get hurt if wearing emotions openly.  But society keeps telling them they are emotional  and mysterious.  So they become more so and learn how to do it with ease.

Boys are taught to be tough little men and that they don’t feel that emotional stuff.  So they just pack it in and do not learn how to hide in plan sight. Hence the man caves where they go. So it is actually easier to read what a man is feeling then a woman.

However it is not all societies fault as society is just a reflection of how the minds of many people work.  So the minds and society reinforce one another and force the non-conformers into molds that do not fit.

As transgender people we have been forced but the mold is so wrong it eventually breaks and we emerge and have to craft/recraft ourselves vs have society do it for us.  As society gets weaker in this forcing the freedom of the non-conformers will grow.  We are like the new hippies of the 60’s, the bohemians of the early 1900’s, the romantic’s of the 1800’s and the list goes on and on back into history. Just as gays and lesbians were part of the sexual revolution, we are part of the gender revolution and really should not be lumped in the same group even if we have a lot of similarities.  One of the main reasons why even gay people do not get us at times.



Wow, 😉  kind if went off topic on that didn’t I.

Back to emotional shows.  I loved to watch Hallmark movies with my mom when I was a little kid.  And liked a lot of the girls shows like Full House, Saved by the Bell, etc.  Would have watched Hana Montana and the like had I been part of that generation. I was always kind of a loner, and my dad was not the most manly to force me to be so, he was a George McFly type.  He was/is however a homophobic of the 50’s -60’s and my mom was a great house wife so I still feel into society’s trap just in my own way.




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