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Danielle Fox


Yes I do see how you are correct about society and the molds of male/female emotions. I also see the social circles of both and how emotionally each has different rules. Girl world would have been tougher to navigate than boy world. All the games girl world played against each other to position oneself socially and set the pecking order. Kind of like the movie “Mean Girls”. I actually love that movie and the princess movies with Julie Andrews and many others I’d never mention to any of the guys! I love all of the teen movies of the eighties (Jon Hughes and those types). Plus many other chick flicks.

I agree that a woman cannot run around all emotional and in tears but they are more open than men with their positive emotions like laughter, happiness, friendships, and the physical results too like hugging, touching, brushing hair out of another woman’s face, and the like. Yes men brood and it is easier to judge how most men feel by their facial signs. Men do let the more negative emotions out a lot easier than women which I am getting a better handle on myself. But men ostracize themselves from each other physically and emotionally because it isn’t manly to hug in the same way, touch in the same way, sleep in the same bed as friends.

I see how we are the next generation of outsiders becoming a norm in society, like the hippies and bohemians. I also totally agree that the LGBQ+ community doesn’t always understand the T community because they are not having a gender meltdown of a sort. A sexual orientation is not gender identity but someone with gender identity can have an other than hetero sexual orientation. I sometimes think this is what confuses many people when they think of the community as a whole which we are associated with. It is so easy to see someone who has a different than hetero sexual orientation but not easy to see someone who has a gender identity conflict.

I am so happy the DSM and the ICD are now in agreement that who we are is not a mental problem nor one that can be cured. So when we are associated with the norm and the Psych and Medical communities agree on who we are and how best to help us along with government and insurance companies what’s next? Of course that’s just a rhetorical question because nobody has a crystal ball 🔮, lol! There are still 28 states where transgender discrimination is not against the law whether at work, housing or medical care. I live in one of those 28 states. I own my home, I work for an amazing company (children’s hospital), and I have great medical benefits plus so does my wife on all 3. So there are exceptions within this state. But as a whole we are still discriminated against daily, beaten and worse, denied basic human rights and some people could care less about us. This is slowly changing unless our magnificent president gets his way in which case it’s time to move to Sweden or the Netherlands where our rights are protected. There are other countries but I just love these two for their laws and people.

Time for me to get off the soapbox and close this novel, lol 😂!!!! Take care.
With love ❤️ and hugs 🤗
Danielle 💋💕

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