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Hi Casey

I’m fairly new to this site too. I too began life as a gay man as I was not attracted to women at all but felt alienated my gay culture. It took me a while to realise that I was in fact transgender and not gay (in those days, the 1970s, transsexual as it was known then) when I went to Germany for a holiday and met some transwomen in Hamburg. That’s when the penny dropped and I finally discovered what, or who, I was. In those days transitioning was difficult and many barriers were put in my way so I resigned myself¬† to being unhappy for the rest of my life as I thought it would be impossible for me to become my true self but a few years ago I decided to research it online and realised I could still make that giant leap to become a new me so I went to see my doctor and got referred to a Gender Identity Clinic. I was put on hormone therapy, which included oestrogen and testosterone suppressants, and had facial hair removal, hair transplant, and now I’ve finally had full Vaginoplasty. I really didn’t think I would get there but at last at the age of 61 I am now a fully functioning attractive heterosexual woman, and now I’m in the summer of my life when only a few years ago all I had to look forward to was old age and death. I know that sounds morbid but that’s seriously how my mindset was in. You may not wish to go that far or even start on a new journey at all but anything can be achieved if you really want it enough. To think that I was so very nervous about going out in public dressed in female clothes and makeup, now I don’t even think twice about it as now it’s as natural as cleaning my teeth or brushing my hair. All the best Casey and DREAM BIG! Julie x

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