Reply To: Role Models

Miriya Paris


Ah Doctor Who, I never watched but they say in one of the new versions he was replaced by a female.  Funny how society has changed, Buck Rogers was casted by a female, and so was Robin Hood in the remakes.  The strong empowerment of action hero women will be the influencers and heroes of the next generations.  Kind of sad the ultra feminine hero’s like Cleopatra and such are getting replaced by action heroes. And what will happen to all those young men who should be a knight in shining armor to save the damsels if all the damsels save them selfs.  Personally I like the concept of a chivalry.  Just today I had an odd experience where a beautiful woman held the door for me like a gentleman would.  If i wasn’t spoken for I would have let her pursue me as well. 🥰




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