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I have been researching and a zero depth vaginoplasty would be nice. However talking with my partner and she may be fine with the orchiectomy a full vagina. Well strait up? She likes my cltoris as it is

part of this process for us is to give each other what we want while I unmask becoming Maria. And indeed most of my gender disphoria is about the inner self  not to say looking down to see gender conforming plumbing gives me chills , I can be VERY happy with a hormonally inverted phallus and removal of the testes. Even now it is very vagina like but still has something for her to get a handle on 😘. As our lives are twined. That makes me happy too. I think I have more issues with facial issues but am on a fixed income right now, we just talked about me learning nails and makeup or becoming an Aesthetician and transitioning back to work. That would let me have more options there. An orchie is around seven grand. To make this face gender conforming would be much more. I have seen miracles with makeup 💄💜 and depending on a therapists thoughts and money I think I could be a mildly attractive older woman when I get my look and makeup in line. Maybe dreaming as surgery and I are old friends. I would be going in knowing everything about pain and anesthesia and complications so am doing diligence on everything Ivan do now then evaluate what is necessary to give me peace at my appearance inside, where it is most important.

This is our journey , my partner (who I love) and I married for life so this process is hers too. For the forbearance of thirty yrs with the wrong persona. For the fact I am sixty. My dreams of being an attractive full figured woman are tempered by reality and that if the top is pretty the bottom is just for she and I to express or desire for each other.

yeah a therapist is gonna have aheyday with this girl honey !  I had to get over yrs of being a “prison bitch” for an evil man and a childhood that would read as if written for sensationalism and outrageousness. Having a man put a gun in your chest after he has made you fight your brother then pull the trigger three times (blanks) and laugh maniacally as I hit the floor. Then that night come in and sodomize me for twenty minutes. I have baggage to unload. I am a woman who will NEVER want penetration. So yeah, a scene from a hell I was in and a piece of the puzzle that makes me what and who I am now.  Wanting to be a woman but hating men and penetration made for a deep conflict over how Maria could be. It is being answered as my marriage is morphing into a gender fluid/ neutral thing I pray keeps making her happy as it becomes more lesbianoid and I transition to full time

thanks for letting me run on again and big hugs from little me 💋💜 Maria

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