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The tears are hot on my cheeks my dear alpha female. The hell you went through, my god! I lost all but one cousin in country. The sole survivor died drunk driving in a month after his return. Two uncles one a toxic mess of ruined masculinity and one, oh god I am blessed is a lovely gay man who was the first family I have come out to.  I missed the worst but was “hooked up” and pushed pallets out of cargo planes in Cambodia and Laos for six months. I said fuck this when the plane went down hard and I had to get stateside to heal. 1977 was a very bad year. 78 came and I was navigating a twin into Columbia and picking up. Blow and weed. Was shot in the face one trip and was stabbed in the neck another. But so toxically masculine I was proud of both. Someday there may be a book in this clusterfuck until then my life is about becoming Maria and being the person she is.

My dearest Dame. You are a kind and wonderful woman. I am truly blessed to have made your acquaintance and hope to earn your friendship as our time here progresses. I already feel so welcome and warm when read your words.

Some happy tears now and a big hug to you from little me 💋Maria

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