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 Cloe (CC) Webb 
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This is so beautifully written, I’m so glad you live so close (even if sis is on a role when I come over).  I cherish those late night chats on here and look forward to some that are at a more sane hour with new friends here on TGH.  I remember being so timid with chat that I must have popped in 20 times for only a minute or two and even less when someone spoke to me.  Then eventually one of the moderators kicked me out to get my attention.  In a way it stung, but it made me wake up and join the conversation.  You were the welcome wagon to the introductions forum and I remember thinking “OMG, there’s actually someone like me less than an hour away.  I want to be her friend, but I sure don’t want her to think I’m on the prowl or something.”  I took a month before I was comfortable enough to take that step to meet you and you were so gracious.  I cannot thank you enough.  It’s a part of the story of my coming to terms with my real identity and cracking the shell wide open.  What is it Capn Di said later on…you took a bulldozer to your closet, Cloe.  Well you pretty much know the rest and I’ll save that for new friends.  Thank you for being you and penning your thoughts so eloquently.


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