Reply To: What were you feeling when you began Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Josie Jay

I felt excitement, period. Also, I remember the cute experience I had that day. My clinic called the scrip into a local Walmart, (not one close to me…that’s how trepidatious I was). I went to the window and told them my name and birthday, kind of looking at the floor because I felt like every eye in the place was on me. The young lady brought the bag out and said, “Is this the first time for this medicine?” “Yes,” She called the Pharmacist over for my obligatory instructions for new meds. She was a very attractive African American woman who read the information out loud and when she read the doctor’s name her face lit up a bit. She looked at me, waiting there, kind of looking around to see if anyone was within earshot (of course no one was paying attention). She hands me the spiro and says ” Take one in the morning and once at night for your..” She gave me an exaggerated wink and a smile ” blood pressure”…All of my nervousness just melted away. She didn’t have to be so sweet; bless her for it. Now I get Spiro and Estradiol there..All the employees know me and I chat with them as they fill my order…In six months Ive gone from being a nervous guy…presenting very much male, to a confident woman with pink hair, cute tops, and cleavage. I love my Hrt so much. The effect on me is palpable and wonderful and why haven’t I been taking this for years?…

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