Reply To: The Disney Princess Game

Sophie Bourne


Elizka, You are such a very sweet person!

I worry about hurting you; you worry about hurting me… thank you for being so kind and thoughtful. We’re an ocean apart, but I just want to hug you right back, right now x

Also, thank you for honestly sharing your feelings here. It is really helping me right now, more than I can ever express in words. Don’t stop, and don’t worry too much about offending me. We’ve both taken so much pain in life that being honest is going to touch some still tender wounds.  I guess we just can’t afford to take offence easily. So I don’t x


I took another important step today; starting oon therapy for gender dysphoria by coming out to a therapist who helped me through my divorce. She was really kind then, and very kind today. I’m still reflecting on what happened and will post a bit later this week.

Everyone I’ve come out to so far has just been incredibly kind and caring, both here and in real life. You know, you can live in shame and fear as a trans person for decades, and then realise that – gulp – people are actually good inside, and really want to help when you bare your soul.
It’s just amazing.


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