Reply To: Being served buying clothes as a transgender woman

Marianne Tornander


Dear Melanie,

Since I first bought myself a pair of 4″ heels in a Wallmart kind of store 20 years ago, I  have been on countless shopping trips all around Sweden. Until the fall of 2012 I was always in more or less male mode, though mostly wearing female undergarments and my breast forms as to be able to try thimgs on for fit. For the last eight years however I usually present as the woman I identify with. Only once in twenty years I have been outright denied trying some dresses on, in a clear state of disapproval, and twice in a certain store, I’ve been welcomed but asked to use the men’s dressing rooms. And those were both in male mode. My general experience has been one of excellent service and genuine care and interest, with shop assistants helping me find what I’m looking for and occasionally coming by the dressing room asking if I need help with zippers or would like to try another size, just as I’ve seen them do for other women. Sometimes i may be unsure of the fit or look and will then model the clothes for a sales assistant, asking for their opinion and input. Never have I been laughed at or ridiculed but instead I have had tons of supportive comments about how good I look and how well I carry myself as a woman.

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