Reply To: Gender Euphoria! A Moment in Time.

Sophie Bourne


Hi Cami, and thanks for a great topic!

In the midst of my dysphoria, it’s nice to be able to look back on some of my flashes of euphoria, and to be able to look forward to more to come.

A few come to mind:

– Aged 5, accidentally being called a “pretty little girl” by one of my Mum and Dad’s friends.

– Aged 10, playing a girl’s part in a school play, and actually being *encouraged* to dress up pretty and act very feminine.

– Aged 19, when I finally discarded my glasses, grew my hair out the first year at uni, and started to be called “love” and “miss” by complete strangers; even got the occasional wink from guys on the street.

– Very recently, when I got called “miss” by a postman delivering a parcel for me, and then “madam” three times on a trip to London. What struck me most was that I wasn’t even dressed fully as Sophie (far too scared for that), but somehow my hair and natural presentation had slipped me just over the gender line anyway. Sadly, there won’t be more trips to London any time soon.

– Being called “Sophie” in emails from my mum and dad, for the very first time.

– Being told by my workplace trans rep over the phone that I had a “really nice voice”.

Thanks for helping me think back on these nice times and give them a name. “Gender euphoria” – I like it!


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