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Elizka Anderson


Hello you all,

I’m Annette a since a couple a weeks i identify myself as transgender, at the same time i started Gender Identitiy Therapy to help me, first, to confirm my gender identitiy and next see what are the step i need to follow.

The thing is: sometimes in this past couple of weeks i start to doubt if i am really transgender, i am thinking if it is something else like a way to escape pressure, family, children, responsibilities or a life that does not completely satisfy me. I usually read about other TG’s process and the vast majority said i always knew i was a woman, i liked girls toys, girls clothes when i had 4, 5 or something like that. In my case i didn’t, i had some flashbacks but nothing else.

Do anyone sometime have doubts if you are TG?

Annette, I have am in the same boat as you. I just realized that I am trans and I have declared my birthday to be 2/23. Similarly I am fighting the same doubt of am I trans as you are. As with you I didnt know I was a woman since I was little. I can definitely (sp check almost corrected that to effeminately) look back at a whole metric ton of events, thoughts, and feeling that confirm I am trans, but I didnt declare to myself when I was younger that I was a woman. I also take that one a step further because I am super confused right now because 2 weeks ago I was having dysphoria about my genitals and now I am not. Super weird and totally not helping with doubt.

As far as my past goes I know that as a kid I did my best to hid my “transness” from myself. I locked it all away in a place in my mind that I couldn’t reach until about 2 years ago. Even then it only unlocked it subconsciously and I still had to wait for an event to further unlock the rest. In that time period I was so deeply in denial that I couldnt even process some of the world around me. For the life of me until 2 months ago I didnt know what ULTA sold/did, even though I know I have walked in there multiple times. I couldnt understand what transgender was. I had an acquaintance transition and I couldnt wrap my mind around it. Messed up pronouns and name left and right for the whole weekend we were at the same event. It was weird, the mind does some strange things.

In the end Annette each one of our jouney’s is unique. Yes we can all share alot of the same or similar experiences, but the “total sum” of all of our experiences is 100% different from everyone else. Believe what is in your heart. If your heart is telling you that you are not the gender you were assigned at birth, then that means you are not the gender you were assigned at birth and that is OK.


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