Reply To: Euphoria Vs. Disphoria

Traci Lynn


Hello and its normal I think, I have been on HRT for almost 6 months. I spent the first 4 months looking everyday for something to stand out as a change. Softer skin, how would I know as i changed my bathing rituals and moisturised daily so softer or just lotioned? My skin is softer now, and while I dont have alot of breast developement it is happening, the painful breasts and nipples tell me it is. I take measurements once a month now to see the results. From 38 below the nips and 39 at the nip line, its now 38 below and 42 at the line. Still not really a great change but I realize that cis girls take a year or more to develope and continue throughout their lives, so time is on my side. Relax enjoy the small things you can feel, and the subtle things you think you see. Every week it becomes a little more clear, at least thats the way I feel.

Best of luck in your journey hon!

Hugs Traci Lynn

PS; I didnt start till I was 57.

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