Reply To: Euphoria Vs. Disphoria

Stephanie Horne


Hi All,

I have been on HRT for 5 years. I have very noticeable breast development. They are not overly large but a B cup on my larger frame. I can still wear loose shirts and not be fully noticed, but anything tighter like a sweater you definitely know. I am going for a full transition. The wait is long, but my insurance covers almost everything as long as Trump and the courts don’t mess it up. I have about 12 months until I have the first of seven procedures. It will probably take between a year to two to complete. In the meanwhile I am not full time because my job is global and there are clients that culturally I can not come out to. That really messes with my head. I spend as much time as possible as Steph and have come out to most of my family and close friends. My ex and my sons don’t know. It is a long story but they are all estranged because of a very bad divorce. I speak to one son only occasionally and the other I have not been able to talk to for over 16 years. They are very conservative Catholic’s and I feel that my transitioning would go over like a lead balloon. Otherwise I have been very lucky coming out to the rest of my family and friends. I have had about 100 hours of electrolysis. Most of it via high volume done in Chicago. Have to get down below done before my GAS surgery. Not looking forward to that. I am on my way and to the most part it has been good. HRT drops libido like a rock so make sure you are ready for that before you start. All the best in your journey and write me if you have any questions.



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