Reply To: ever doubted you were transgender?

Traci Lynn


Hi there and yes. Like you I never had never experienced feeling like a woman in my life, I didnt crossdress or even try it. I was your stereotypical all male. Excelled at sports, joined the military, was married early, children the whole thing. I was bi/pan sexual and always felt something just wasnt quite right. But being busy with career, marriage, and children I just never devoted any time to discovering what it was. Flash forward to today, 6 months on HRT. I still look in the mirror and just see a man, I refuse to say I am transgender. Not because I am not, but rather because I think its unfair to say I am until I start to look transgender. I always say I am transitioning to transgender. But then I look at my body, and realize my boobs have got a decent start. I practice makeup, and am getting better.

The point is I am changing, and although the mirror still see’s the old me, the new me is excitedly coming out. Better late than never! I realized that just because I never crossdressed or admitted her existance didnt mean she wasnt always there in the background waiting for me to find her. I have, and yes I am now transgender.

Traci Lynn

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