Reply To: What age did you know you were transgender?

Breanna Leigh


I knew when I was just 5 years of age. There was a little girl who lived next door and we were friends. I loved trying on her dresses and I once dressed up and went to tell my Mom I was really a girl. My Mother freaked out telling me how wrong it was for me to wear girls dresses and never to do it again because I was a boy. Needless to say I felt terrible and believed there was something wrong with me because of the way I felt. That was 54 years ago, I am now 59 yrs old and Mom is 86 and she still refuses to accept me as I am. I live and work 24/7, 365 as myself, hiding it from no one. I am now a very confident, pansexual transexual woman who is proud to be who I am and I will never hide who or what I am ever again.
And for those of you considering “coming out”, I found that the more confident I became, the more I presented myself as I felt, the more I was just me, the more acceptance I received by everyone everywhere. Strangers treat and respect me as a woman and my days of looking “pretty”, have passed leaving me in a cloud of weight problems, scars and a wonderful ” bowling ball figure”, but I am all girl, inside this part male, part female body, but I am so, so happy to be able to be myself and not feel the need to hide from anyone!!!
I am always here to help anyone who has the desire to live as themselves but are too afraid. Message me and lets talk!!

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