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Meran Berwyck


I had the same effects as Traci Lynn wrote about.  My Endo said my T level was higher than most men, that most men would dream of having, around 740.  But shortly after starting Spiro, it was less then 100.  Then a month later, it was down to  9!  Then I was started on Estradiol.  The first thing I noticed with such a low T level was no more morning wood!  In the months thereafter, my privates began shrinking.  I also noticed, I could not get an erection as easy as it used to be.  I could still orgasm, but I was ‘shooting blanks’!   After a year of Spiro pills, the Endo gave me the 90-day shots in the abdomen.  I had those for about 1.5 yrs.  Then I was put on 180-day shots and have been on them since.  What depressed me was they lowered my Estradiol dosage to .75 mg twice a week!   Since I was put that low, I have not noticed any new changes.  I started on 10mg/day, then down to 5, then down to 2, now .75 twice a week!  I know the Endo was worried about blood clotting, but never had that happen on higher doses.

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