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Meran Berwyck


When I was young, I was constantly admiring the girls, everything about them.  But mostly was interested in their clothes.  Where I went to school, all girls had to wear dresses, not the same outfit, but dresses of their choosing.  I was a leg admirer.  The more leg I saw the more interested I was in them.  It was that time when miniskirts were a big thing as well.  Once in a while I’d notice the edge of some girls’ panties under her tights or her pantyhose.  It put me in a spin, a locked memory of that sight which I recalled later at home while masturbating.  Back then the Sears catalog lingerie section was also a ‘porn’ section in my mind.  I masturbated a lot while admiring all that delicious lingerie and hosiery.  At the same time, I was ‘borrowing’ my sister’s lingerie and hosiery for personal ‘sessions’.  What a turn on it was, wearing it as well.  I thought for many young years it was just a fetish, but when I was on my own, wearing it was more of a requirement than a need to be turned on.  Throughout my youthful years, I tried several times to feel a girl’s nylon legs.  I was successful a few times, though only a few thought I was just a pervert.  In the 8th grade, the most beautiful girl in my class cornered me and allowed me to feel as much of her body as I wanted to all the while french kissing her.  I don’t know why, but it only happened once, and that was for about 20 minutes.  I was in awe of her sexy body, I was truly enjoying feeling her nylon legs and finally over her nylon-covered crotch which became moist.  I felt her breasts through her sweater and bra.  How I wanted it to never end, but also, how I wanted to wear what she had on.

As I got older, the need to be turned on diminished, but my urge to be dressed grew.  I wanted to wear girls clothing all the time.  It felt right.  When I had the chance to get all dolled up and looked at myself in a full length mirror, I knew what I was, what I should be.   I wanted to be a gorgeous girl, admired.  And I was [past tense].  I invited some guys to meet me and was treated so nice, it only cemented my desire and need.   By this time, I had a wardrobe that would put most women to shame.   I was on my way.

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