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Aria Bash


Most of my life that I can remember, I’ve always been Bi-Gendered.  I felt like I could navigate between females and males since I had platonic relationships with both.

My Mom taught all four of us kids to cook, clean, do dishes, straighten up the house, sew etc.  While my other two brothers seemed cool to most of it, I just took it on as normal.  I played with dolls, action figures, played doctor (ha ha), heck, I even used to love to crochet.

But the bug really bit when I was around 30.  My wife and I was invited to a costume Halloween Party.  We couldn’t decide on what to wear when my wife came up with the idea of each of us to crossdress.

I was REALLY nervous but went along.  We arrived at the party and within about 15 minutes I was comfortable and sort of felt very natural.

But the real kicker was when I was 51.  I had a major heart attack and had a Quad heart bypass.  I had lost enough heart muscle that my doctor insisted I retire due to it.

I always had bouts of depression, but after that I was really down.  Not that I would commit suicide but if I would of died, I figured no big loss..  My wife and doctor got very concerned and suggested therapy.  I was diagnosed with Bi-Genderism ( Two Spirit) by her.  That was a little over 5 yrs ago..

Sorry to have rambled, but things are always complicated and I felt I could not just say , ” Well I was 51,.” and let it go at that.




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