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Dear Rosie Cheeks,

From what you are describing it sounds like she is opened minded and wants to make you happy, I would take the opportunity to open the box up even further on the subject by having a few discussions about the subject of wanting to dress up as a female and would like to have her thoughts of the idea. Also do mention to her about your concerns that you do not want to jeopardize the marriage and that you love her dearly. include the conversation about how far is she willing to allow you to go further, even though you do not want to at the present time but things sometimes due come up that you want to go further to keep the peace of mind going. I would talk to her and allow her express her opinion and to remind her that you love her and if anything does change that you would want to keep moving forward towards the possibility of have the bottom surgery keep the line of communication open to allow you where she stands as you do not want to cross the line to where she will stop you. Know before hand but the number one key is communication, before I close this message just to let you know the journey can be rough at times mainly going through emotions, believe me I thought I would be able to handle it but it is hard that I myself break down for hours on occasions but I seem to manage it.

I wish you good luck and pleasant journey’s , I will say you are one of the lucky ones that has a wife that is willing,

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