Reply To: Does anyone understand bra sizes??

Sophie Bourne


Have you got everything sorted out? If so, how did you do it?

Hi Dee-Ann, I’ve been meaning to follow-up on this. I’ve rather settled into a 36D (with some silicone padding, for one or two of my bras) though I’m still rather short of filling the cups, even with all my breast fat pulled/pushed forwards. For comparison, if I step down to a 36C, then the cup is pretty full, but the sidebands are not wide enough, so I still hang out under the shoulders. HRT will probably help but it will be months before I can get it… I’m looking at herbal options/breast pumps with a friend right now to see if they might be any use.

I’m finding I need to be careful what I wear over top, because some of my dresses and blouses just flatten everything out, whereas others hug the shoulders and underarms really tight and help to keep me pushed forward.

Biggest disappointment is my rib-cage, because it sticks out just underneath the band-line, and it makes it difficult to see the full frontal effect of the breasts above. Again choice of top makes a difference, but mostly I look like a small B cup, and nothing like a D. I might be able to find a cincher to pull the lower rib-cage in a bit, but I’m already in the tightest size I could find on Amazon.

I also ordered a couple of stick-on bras, but to be honest I can’t quite work out how to get them to stretch enough to hold me at the sides. The connecting band or clip isn’t really elastic on either of them.

Apart from that, I do probably still need a bit of in-person fitting advice. I found a place nearby which could help, but all shutdown right now with the lock-in.

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