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Alexis Tresse


Hello, everyone! I came here from, where I continue. In adjusting to recent isolation from widowhood and COVID-19 practices, I discovered that a girl inside me enjoys getting out a little. She doesn’t demand that, she just enjoys private occurrences. My family don’t live with me but are important to me and would object to me coming out. So, I keep my inner girl in her closet. But it’s a big closet with a house, a kitchen, cars, clothes, cosmetics, an allowance, and a garden.

I hope to meet others in our community. Although I have yet to do this even before COVID-19 isolation policies, I would be willing as a cisgender man to date a trans woman if they and I would be friends in the absence of a date.

Since I have a comfortable established family life and am aging, I don’t expect ever to transition and do not know that I would want to, even if the opportunity arose. But in private my personality enjoys my hours when I move into my inner girl, like right now as I write this.

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