Reply To: Is a Crossdresser really Transgender?

Nikki McGuirk


Ok. So I’m new here and this poll looks to be fairly covered. But I always seem to dip my toes in. LOL. I voted “Yes and No“. In my very humble (and admittedly inexperienced) opinion, there is a defined difference in cross-dressing and transgender, though I want to stipulate that this is all semantic. Cross dressing refers to persons who “wear clothing typical of the opposite sex” or at least across societal norms for such, but with no requirement by definition to change gender affiliation. Transgender is defined, roughly (there are so many definitions of this), as “denoting or relating to a person whose sense of personal identity and gender does not correspond with their birth sex”, but with no requirement to dress as such. Cross dressing is a label to classify an “external” cross over in a sense, and transgender is a label that classifies an “internal” crossing. Truly, nothing is black and white here but it follows that although cross dressing by definition is trans (i.e., a crossing over), and transgender do typically dress in the society accepted clothing of the other gender than their birth (though there is no requirement to do so in order to still be transgender), they ARE now the other gender via transition. So that is where the NO comes in. By definition, one is not the other. Definition. 🙁

However, we ARE all of the same “trans” nation, though. This is where my YES comes in. We are all “crossing over” that gender divide in some way, be it clothing, or gender identity, physically, or roles, or whatever. Every one of us has had to face some sort of pain, or shame, or persecution to do so. There is too much terminology out there trying to classify and categorize us, so many “umbrella” terms so people can try to relate to us. I don’t think I will ever know or care to know them all. Far as this newbie is concerned they are us and we are them. We’re all sisters! Screw definitions and labels! WOOT!!(Wait, can I say “screw” in here or is that considered vulgarity? OMG I said it twice now! I’m sorry.)




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