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Emma W


Hi DeeAnn,

I am not restricted in my wardrobe or presentation, but that is due in part to working from home 99% of the time (literally — 1-2 days in the office per year). My employer is extremely tolerant and interested in the best health and welfare of the employees, and discussion and disclosure and proper use of pronouns, respecting peoples’ identities, etc. are considered important by them. As a bonus, my direct supervisor is someone I have come to trust a lot, and there’s mututal support there for other things, so I’m in a very lucky position.

If I were to go to a conference or similar, I believe they would be fine with whatever presentation I had, so long as I basically fit in and didn’t cause a disturbance. (So no ball gowns or ripped jeans.)

That being said, I would probably present as male at a conference at this point, as I’m just not comfortable enough in public to do anything else yet.

xo, Emma


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