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@Michelle Larsen, Thanks for bringing this up. I haven’t started any therapy to date, but over many years have given the option of orchiectomy serious thought.

I come from a slightly different angle to many here, as I don’t identify entirely as ‘female’ in the social sense, but have come to understand that in the bedroom & more intimately am definitely feminine & would prefer to be able to interact accordingly in that environment.

Some time ago, I figured out the ‘Male Urges’ I continue to experience, & which cause me no end of frustration, & distress, are primarily related to my testes busily producing Testosterone, which I really don’t need. I have no intention of having children in the future, for a number of reasons, so I have no need for my Male Reproductive Organs whatsoever. I’m beginning to understand & accept that I’d be much happier to wake up without an erection, & not face the embarrassment of them popping up randomly & without authorisation. While warming to the concept of being able to have a ‘conventional’ (heterosexual) intimate physical relationship with a male partner.

I’m not sure what the future holds for me, but I know that whatever happens, I can do without testes & long-term probably the other bit too, but, I don’t want to dispose of that until I know whether a complete reassignment is possible/practicable. However, in the short-term the best of both worlds might just be to have the orchiectomy & start on the HRT to remove what’s definitely not required & ultimately have the rest effectively decommissioned & shrunk down pending a determination of its worth at a later date.

It’s very early days yet, for me, but reading other people’s thoughts, experiences, etc., is helping me to get a better handle on what’s going on for me, & to see the amazing array of possibilities before me.

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