Reply To: Bringing your S/O along for the ride

Jennifer Scott


Hi, I can’t really speak to the SO issue as my wife and I were separated at the time of my coming out.  However, we are still very good friends and she is understanding and helping me along as I go.

As for the dysphoria, I definitely feel it more as I’ve come out as transgender and started HRT.  It has gotten worse due to this pandemic and the fact that spas are closed.  I can’t get rid of the body hair fast enough.  I haven’t been able to wax or laser the hair since this started and it is growing back longer each day.  They finally opened the spas and I made an appointment to get it all cleaned up and then I had to cancel because I have to go for cancer surgery (prostate) and they will not let you thread, wax or shave any body parts due to the possibility of infection.  I was going to but the doctor said they could send me home and not do the operation until later when it needs to get done now.  I swear I am going to be the hairiest woman by the time I can actually do something about it.

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