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Emily Kleckner


Sending you all my love and strength Ciara. Being trans is something you can’t get rid of, but once you learn to accept it, love yourself, and allow yourself to be who you were meant to be, life gets so much better. I’ve heard from MANY trans people that their worst days after coming out/transitioning are better than their best days living as someone else. I won’t blow any smoke and tell you this will be easy, but I can promise it will be worth it. Starting with a strong community and friends who support you is an important first step.

I’m really trying hard to find spouses of trans people to have on my show so we can talk about their advice for trans people on how to have those conversations and what to do to make your spouse feel secure as you start to talk about who you really are.

I was married, no kids though, and it didn’t end well. But I’m always open to chat and give my 2 cents. Also, my network is pretty strong with trans people who are married and not, so I can always put you in contact with others for (better) advice. 😀

<3 Emily


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