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CatAnne Vos


Very interesting thoughts coming out here. I can to a certain point agrre with the author’s explanation though. I am living my life 24/7 authentic as trans female and one thing that I have picked up ever since I came out as transgender and that is the general perception of cis people in particular thinks being trans means you are automatically gay, lesbian or some sinister object from outer space. I’ve even been labled a pedophile inderectly but that was snubbed instantly as I went into self preserverance mode to defend myself.
Getting back to the point, being trans doesn’t automatically lable you as anything else than what you may or may not be. Should we be seperated from GLBTQI? Yes! Because we are who we are but that in itself comes with another issue- Isolation. Being Isolated as a single group although we are true to ourselves will make it much harder for us to get the necessary support structure we need.

Should we remain part of the GLBTQI group? Yes! It’s a wider spectrum where we are safer and under the umbrella we are not really labled as such. We have wider options of being accepted and assistance where needed. In conclusion- my opinion is we remain under the GLBTQI umbrella where we are in a safer haven and not in direct conflict with anybody that wish to stamp a spesific lable on us. In my own situation I am a transgender woman with zero interest in sex or a sexual relationship with anybody be it male or female. I am who I am, not who someone else think I may be!

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