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Good question, for me I all ways new I was different growing up. But it wasn’t till last April things really began to take a bad turn for me, In desperate need to find help, to give me reason to keep living, I made that first call. that call got me here today. Being sent to the right doctors and have the right tests done. Finely gave me hope and understanding of who or what is going on with me. test results showed I am male. I was born with xxy syndrome also known as klinefetler syndrome. I know very little of this, only what my doctor has told me. and What I have researched online. I do not know if this is the case for all transgender persons, But I do find it interesting to know this does happen more often then people are aware of. It takes place in fetal development, the extra chromosome in my case caused my body to develop as female  thou my true gender is male. maybe if this had been found when I was a child I would have had a much better life. On saying that, I don’t regret my past. Just thinking my mental well being would have been much more healthier.


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