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Hi Stephanie.

It is such a strain isn’t it. Wanting something and knowing that to try to take possession of what you want, it is possible that you could lose what you have. It is our perennial problem. I did not have a wife and children to lose but my extended family now numbers all of three people. My outlook was that if I was important to them then they would accept. Seems I wasn’t that important. But I wouldn’t choose any other life than the one I have. Why? Because I am happier now than I have ever been. I have my home, my work, my friends and the small community I am part of.

I can’t tell you what you should or shouldn’t do, or what the outcome of any choice will be. Would you like to be a woman? Or do you HAVE to be a woman? Does wearing your wifes clothes give you a thrill? Or do you feel like you have finally found yourself? Have you thought about “the equipment”? Any change brought about by HRT is permanent. I mean that if you develope breasts it means that, even if you stop the treatment, you get to have the breasts for the rest of your life.

Please believe me when I say that I am not trying to put you off, just giving you one or two things to consider before you make a lifetime choice. It is also possible to give vent to your femininity and remain a male.

I have been Jenni for longer than the male I was before. I have lived a fuller, richer and more meaningful life than I could have as a male, but then the choice I made was the right one for me. Only you can decide for you.

I hope this helps, sorry if it hurts, but I ask you to be as sure as you can be before you step into our fabulous world.

My thoughts are with you, and my best wishes too.

Jenni xx

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