Reply To: Hi, new here and just want someone to talk to.

Marcy Nelson


Hello Gabrielle.

I know how that feels girl. I told my parents when i was 5 years old i was a girl, only for them to tell me; Its a phase im going through and i would grow out of it.

Well i never did. I spent years trying to be what they and the rest of society wanted me to be. All the time being miserable. Hell i did not even know how to be a boy. How was i going to do this. So i ended up mocking the boys in the neighborhood, doing what they did, saying the things they said, i just did my best to try and blend in to where i did not belong.

i did that for years, 53 years to be exact. When i made the mistake of telling them i was transitioning to my true self and my true sex,. FEMALE. They disowned me, even my brother and sister did.

At that time i just wanted it to be over, either the surgeries to be a true woman in body and spirit, of for my life to be over.

Well as you can see i am still here. even thought most of the surgeries have yet to be done. i am still working towards them.

Hang in their girlfriend, and when you need to talk, hit me up here or on TWITTER.

Marcy Ella Nelson.

Huggs girl.


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