Reply To: Gender Questioning

Kim Floyd


Hi Stephanie, Your post is heart rending. I’m sorry for your pain. I started to realize my gender wasn’t working for me at around age 50. The things you write are very familiar to me as I have felt them too. It took ten years of thought and struggle for my future to become clear and now just past my 60th birthday I’m starting over with a new life. My gender transition was too much for my marriage. I can’t imagine having kids to think about in that that decision making process, you have my deep sympathy. I guess its up to each individual to decide how high a price they’re willing to pay. From age 12 to my mid 40s my gender confusion/dysphoria was so buried even I didn’t know it was there. Like a dark planet in a solar system it did however have an effect. I was bitter depressed and angry. I wouldn’t presume to give advice to you but know that even though I don’t know you I wish you peace and will think of you.

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