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DeeAnn Hopings


I’ve just started on this journey but I have wonderful supporting wife (for now). She has been able to look at me and notice how I need to change the way I walk. Straight legs instead of permanently bent knees. When I stop walking, my weight is evenly distributed on both legs instead of on one hip. Doctors have been telling ladies for years not to put your weight on one hip, it is bad for the back but it is a typical female trait we men don’t really see.doing my hair and makeup has been an obvious change but learning all the subconscious nuances has been a challenge.

Yes, pockets are a funny thing. We don’t realize that the thought process behind the design of women’s clothing has some significant differences compared to male clothing. For women’s clothing, the silhouette is everything. No pockets removes the possibility of putting lumpy things in them. You wind up needing a handbag, but that’s a small price to pay. Conversely, men don’t like perpetually carrying things in their hands (irrespective of any sexist aspects regarding handbags)).

The size of pockets is another issue. I have average size hands, so many of the clothes that I have that do have pockets are too small. However, some are sized so small that and average woman would not fit in them either. To me they are 1 tissue size!?!?

I carry a cane when I leave home. The clothes that don’t have pockets presents a unique problem. It is what to do with my car keys (fob, in this case). I always lock my car and if I do have pockets, I just put the fob in a pocket. However, if I don’t have pockets I have to stop to put it in my purse. I don’t like fumbling with keys and purse in a parking lot as you never know who is watching. I could carry them in my hand, but that is a bit problematic as I have the cane, the purse and the fob. Opening a door can be a bit of a challenge as not everyplace has automatic doors even though we are closing in on 30 years since the ADA was passed…

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