Reply To: Did you use the term “tomgirl” to describe yourself?

Brooke Mindartia


I like the idea lol.  As someone else mentioned I also never heard of a tomgirl and I’m surprised I didn’t ask about this when I was younger.  I would always play in the woods during my childhood.  At the time I thought it was more of a boy thing to do but the reality is it’s neutral.  I never liked getting dirty though and I think anytime my mom mentioned that I thought it was a feminine thing, but I think to her it didn’t mean anything beyond face value–fair enough…lol.  I feel like my connection to nature soothed my dysphoria throughout the years.  It didn’t matter to the trees what gender I was, now looking back I feel like they all knew I was a girl on the inside and felt like they would embrace that somehow.  Play their music to soothe that part of my soul?

Anyway I remember returning to the line of thought about tomgirl and was like should it have a different name like not tom but a girl name?  Or does the tom in tomboy mean “not really” boy?  I suppose I could look up the etymology of the term and see if that gets me anywhere.  I like the idea of Tanagirl lol it’d be cool if the story gained traction.  Perhaps all that’s left is writing an article somewhere and making it into a term that has now been “coined.”

I don’t know that I considered myself a tomgirl, it always laid further back in the recesses until more recently.  Although I did chat with a girl’s name for several years and some group of people know me by that name now (or simply “A”).  My best friend at time when he would really want to ask me a question he would call me that name, I like had to respond to it.  It was as though that became more real of a name than my actual name.  I don’t know why I always passed if off as nothing or just something silly.

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