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ya know?? that is a good question on the why’s the hows? and whats?

in general, ya Human 🙂

hey? if ya happy? isnt thats all that matters? 🙂

ya got one life? and “No Reset Button” i know-i know? easier said than done? but i wouldnt worry about labels? or what to call what?? ,its like your a person, so roll with it, but here is a cool place to meet cool people with same general Interests 🙂 for “Me” personally? i do as i would at how i need to do what needs to be done? make sense? maybe not? LOL ok so its like?? when i look as i do? if people dont like it? tough? its me? i can not change “What I Am” thats everyone elses Problem? i have to eat? pay my bills like anyone else? if people are rude? i treat them in “Kind”  but? its usually more Positive than ever negative, be surprised how people are so into “Themselves nowdays” people dont even care or notice? 99.9999% have themselves in a slave to there phones?? LOL so dont worry bout any labels? i mean other than if your out someplace? gussied up? you would like to be identified as a Gal, etc. etc. i mean for me? i am a tad Noticable??..LOL i am “Gothic” wear Black!! and have a more “Wild Look” so i get stared at anyways?LOL i am not real Transparent? i guess one could say?  my usual “Reply” when i find people “Staring”…         “Hey? Take a Picture? it will Last Longer”  and they usually “Cower Away” or go Hey Your COOL !!! 🙂 so labels? or what to do or say? well? of course if have to be more private? of course, Society hasnt got the Memo yet that people are people? no one can Escape it? everyone comes from “Here” good O’l planet earth? our clothes cant dictate what we are? be it man woman or child? , your Actions in life will….unless you let it “Change You” if you put on the clothes? and it changes you? then you may get a different way of being looked at? i do it cause i like how i look? its simple? clothes are just that “Clothes”  just “Be You” dont change what you Are? but have fun, smile!! make friends!! its what i do !! hope you have a Awesome day!! 🙂



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