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    Elizka Anderson

    Hi Everyone!

    My name is Elizka/Erik and I am have just recently began to except who I am.

    I have for years been caught in this cycle where I enjoy cross dressing and sexual tension with it. Been caught in this in-between where I feel more comfortable in female clothing more than male. Been caught with feelings and emotions that I can’t be as manly as my friends around me. Been caught using he excuse of “kinky sex” as a means to deny myself a a truth.  Been caught denying that I want to be female.

    In an unspoken new new years resolution I made a change for me. I stopped pretending.

    I told my wife how I have been feeling, started seeing a therapist,  I started to ware female clothing (what and when I can), I started to allow myself feel for comfortable with me.

    I know I said it would be a happy hello and I rambled on with my feelings. Thank you for listening. I do have alot to be happy for:

    • My wife loves me for me and promised to support me. The only reason why I have started to accept me is that she saw me for me from the begining, and always made our relationship a safe space filled with unconditional love.
    • I found a therepist who has been an LGBTQ+ Ally for years and someone who seems to be a really good fit for me.
    •  I have the internet (you)

    I am in a good and happy place now, even with challenges lining the road ahead. I am here, I am me, and I am bound and determined to love me for who I am.

    My name is Elizka, and thank you for welcoming me to your community.

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      Elizka Anderson


      <p style=”text-align: left;”>At times amazing might be an understatement! Appearently she has known or suspected since about 6 months into dating, and we have been together for 12 years now :).</p>

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      Hi Elizka, welcome to TGH! I am Jenni (for now). We both apparently have amazing wives!

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      Hi, Elizka.  Welcome to TGH.  It sounds like you are in a good situation right now.  Congratulations.  I wish you all the best in the future.

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