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  • 64 year old transgender woman who has been recently outed by my wife to daughters and friends. The relationship is tenuous but we are still together. However now that the cat is somewhat out of the bad I feel the need to be me, the need to be Annie.

    I have been a member of cross dresser heaven for over two years. It was the friendship of these wonderful ladies that emboldened me to come out and be my authentic self. However, I have come to realize that i am transgendered more so than a cross dresser. We’re I younger in today’s society I have no doubt I would transition. At 64 it’s too late but I have to admit I have thought about hrt to soften features etc to make it a bit easier to live my authentic self. Holding me back is my wife whom I don’t want to hurt any more than this has and my children. I do feel however that I must be me and my time spent as Annie is the happiest of my life.

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      DeeAnn Hopings


      Glad to have you here! It does happen for some that dressing presents an opportunity to explore ones gender identity. It isn’t unusual, but I don’t think it is a large percentage.

      Age is an interesting thing. I have read accounts of people having various affirmation surgeries and doing HRT who are 10 years older than you are, at least. In my case, I started dressing privately about 10 years ago. I started going to CD social and support gatherings 6 years ago. I am now 72. My social transition is essentially complete and since I retired and moved to the SoCal desert 5 years ago, I am known as DeeAnn. Probably fewer than 30 people here have ever met Don, whereas well over 300 have met DeeAnn. I have no plans for affirmation surgeries as, fortunately, I don’t have dysphoria. However, what I did realize that after many years was that I have always been this amalgam of female and male energies, perspectives and thought processes.

      One thing I would caution you about is the term transgender”ed”. The implication is that something happened to make us transgender. and that is not the case. It is a part of us that has always been there just waiting to be discovered. In parallel, we don’t say gayed or lesbianed.

      Thanks for being very thorough with your Profile page. I often have to remind new members to do that as it is quite an important document. It lets people know what your situation is and how things are going. It can also be updated at any time as things change. It is a living documents as opposed to regular posts which are static. You can’t edit regular posts shortly after they are submitted.

      If you would like to search for other members from Ohio, click on Social in the menu and then Member Directory.

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      Hi there – good to see there’s another CDH girl that has migrated over here. Welcome!



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        Hey girlfriend.    Hello.     Well, after two years at CDH and all the wonderful support I began to question who I was.   Then some life events occurred and my wife discovered my secret.  She then outed me to daughters and friends At first I was angry but then I realized it was a blessing in disguise. She told them I was a cross dresser and for the first time I verbalized that it was more. That I was transgender.      It’s a work in progresses with respect to where I am going but baby steps and I felt the girls here would understand better and be able to give appropriate support to one who might undergo mental, emotional and perhaps hormoneal hrt , to fulfill her womanly destiny.     Time will tell

        Huggs and 😘


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      Hi Annie,

      Nice to meet you and thank you for the introduction.

      And it’s nice to be your friend!



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      Michelle Larsen

      Annie, I can only imagine what you must be going through. I too am 64 and have been on HRT for about 3 years now. My daughter and two sons know, as well as my mother and ex-wife. We were divorced beforehand, so that wasn’t the cause. My mom, daughter, and both boys are accepting, however, my ex-wife is tolerable of my changes. It is what it is, and we do the best we can. Hang in there, because I know what you are facing cannot be easy. Hugs, Michelle

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