A TED talk “The Baptist Pastor and His Transgender Friends”

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      Lauren Mugnaia

      I have no idea if this video has ever been seen here on TGH, but I found it this past weekend and it spoke so profoundly to my heart I was an emotional wreck when it was finished. I’m actually tearing up and crying as I type this. I truly believe that it has the power to dramatically change the hearts of many people, that it is how powerful I feel this message is. It is NOT political or overtly religious in any way, Here is the link:

      Please watch and share with as many as you can. I know that I will be doing so.

      Hugs girls,

      Lauren M

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      Watched it, very moving and very spot on. Thanks

      Shiloh Rose 🌹

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        The fact that he used the word “normative” certainly got my attention!

        I’m glad I haven’t yet put on my mascara because it’d be running down my cheeks right about now! What a well spoken and gifted speaker.

        I truly believe that what I am is a gift from above and not below!

        Thanks, Lauren!

        Barb ☀

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      Thank you for the post and link.

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      Thank you Lauren for posting this.  I had seen it about a year ago and was so thankful I did.  I loved the fact that this church choose to study this topic and even more thankful that the people they chose to help them understand were people who walked them through, scientifically, the things that we go through emotionally almost every day.  The fact that gender identity is more than just the physical or genetic makeup of a person, just as importantly, there’s an internal makeup of the brain that is also developed that gives you the sense of who you are, gender wise.  Yes, for the overwhelming majority of people, this lines up with the other two, but for some of us, it just doesn’t, for whatever the reason.  We didn’t choose this anymore than a person who gets any other type of disease would have chosen that, and yet here we are.  At least there’s a place we now know who does understand us and even more importantly, would welcome us when we arrived.

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      From above, just like you! 💓

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