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      DeeAnn Hopings

      While this is not my transition story, it is one of the most powerful stories that I have seen in a very long time. The story is this:

      A couple of days ago I watched an excellent documentary. It came out in 2018, but I missed it. I just searched and it was briefly discussed in Media Review 4 years ago, but I suspect a wider circulation would be good. From a community standpoint, there is much to be gained.

      It is called:



      The first paragraph of her bio on that page reads:
      Janae Marie Kroczaleski is a transgender woman with a remarkable, unique life story. She is a world champion and world record-breaking powerlifter, champion bodybuilder, published author, a U.S. Marine who served on Presidential Security Duty, cancer survivor, licensed pharmacist, and proud parent of three teenage sons. Janae is the subject of an award-winning feature documentary film about her transition from male to female, “Transformer,” which will be released worldwide in 2018.
      Powerful story…

      It can be viewed on YouTube for free as well as some pay sites if you are a subscriber. I posted this on the Movie thread, but I want it to be available to the members as it is likely it will become a Group. Anyway, it has a very significant message for us.On a sad note, I also learned that her middle son passed away in 2022. Unfortunately I have no further details.

      It is understandable that many here think about the concept of Passing and whether they meet, or don’t meet, their image of being feminine enough. Given our circumstances, it isn’t unreasonable to think that. However, I don’t think that many of us start from an EXTREMELY solid 275 pounds at 5’-9” and spent many years getting to that point.

      This story says a lot about the strength that we all have, but most of us doubt that we do. This is all about moving forward in spite of the challenges that can work to prevent us from being the people that we need to be.

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      Michelle Lawson

      This is exactly the kind of story, not only the transgender community needs to hear and see more of; but every community. Telling our stories can only strengthen our voice, and help us gain, not just acceptance and tolerance, but to become as invisible to everyone else, because everyone would then see us as any average Jane, or Joe.

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      DeeAnn Hopings

      When I originally did some reading about Janae Marie’s life, some interesting parallels became appearant.

      • Although she is about 25 years younger, her birthday is December 8 and mine is December 5, so we are both Sagittarians.
      • We are both Midwesterners. She is from Lansing, MI which is about 2 hours northwest from my home of Toledo, OH
      • In the documentary, she went to San Diego for a powerlifting event where she connected with old friends, did some coaching and public appearances. I’ve been there.
      • Some of her surgeries were done in Seoul, South Korea. I’ve been there.
      • One part of the footage is shot in a park ay the base of Seoul Tower. I’ve been there.

      Anyway, just a strange set of similarities…

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