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    Lauryn Hogan

    So I was wondering if anyone had advice for passing as a bigger girl. I am well over 6 foot tall and I am not skinny by any sense of the word. I wear right now a 3x or 4x shirt and 24w pants. I am starting to lose weight and gonna join Planet Fitness or another gym. Which will help with my confidence, I hope .

    Any advice on how to pass at such a large size?? I do feel a bit overwhelmed.

    And other then YouTube tutorials how does a girl learn how to do her makeup. Or even what shades to use?

    thanks for all of the advice ladies!!



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      I’m big myself, about 6’2″ and overweight.  I lost thirty pounds the first three months after realizing I might be transgender, but… Christmas put a damper on my dieting plans.

      I’ve been relying on hand me downs from my wife and Walmart clearance, though I love the pants from Torrid where my wife shops for plus size clothes.  One of the first people I openly came out to was a clerk there and she was so awesome about it.  Then again that’s my store and I can’t vouch for their other locations and I have my wife to go shopping with.

      I do appreciate the other answers you’ve gotten though, as I can’t wait until I can afford to go shopping for a fuller and nicer wardrobe.  Especially shoes, I really want something cute to wear on my feet and they are two sizes bigger than Walmart’s max.

      On a side note, my size and shape have really been getting to me the past couple of days.  I’ve really got to start exercising again or something.

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      Lauren dear, you are most welcome indeed. We bigger girls need to work together with advice on places to shop and other fashion/beauty tips. I absolutely love Brigitte Neilson and have since she was a Bond girl. Bond girls are cliche but when they are dressed they have a great style. Love ❤️ and hugs 🤗
      Danielle 💋👠

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      That is great news Danielle!

      Thank you so much and I don’t plan on going anywhere!



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        “Passing” typically means “looking cis”, plenty of gorgeous, sexy trans women (like me) have no desire to look cis and are even offended by the whole notion of “passing” as it evokes “passing privilege”


        There is no reason for any woman to be treated any differently based upon her looks nor dress size.


        I get that you want to look good. Looking good makes one feel sexy and confident. But girl, please, there is plenty of plus sized clothing that looks good on bigger girls. Have you looked at the AVERAGE cis woman lately? I see so many who barely “pass” themselves.


        So stop worrying about “passing” and just be your best sexy, confident self. If you’re living your truth you don’t have anything to prove to anyone else. Just be you.

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          Thank you for the advice. I am going to be one sexy, confident bitch! Lol

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            You are most welcome sis! Just kick ass and don’t bother to slow down to take names! Be yourself and that will be enough. Love ❤️ and 🤗

            Danielle 💋👠

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      Hi lauryn. Some of the cosmetic web-sites have video tuorials as well, L’Oreal, Max Factor, Covergirl etc.. Amazon has some very good make-up books for the Kindle e-book as well as how to’s in paperback (cost you)  Lucille Sorella also has a video training course which is excellent. Of, course there are also courses at some schools.

      I highly recommend you purchase from Amazon/Wal-mart a good make-up mirror with magniying glass and color of light adjustment bulbs….mine cost $100.00. Bathroom mirrors are no place to get excellence.Another good idea is cyberlink, they have a computer program that allows you to put you picture on the computer and make untold adjustments to it with hair, styles, make-up colors and design. It a very good program and you can design your look before you start applying cosmetics. Hope this helps.

      My neighbour Shirley was a big woman and she didn’t seem to have issues….they are around.  Make certain you do female exercising to try to get the right shape. Also…avoid high heels…will make high worse.  Look up pictures of Bridget Neilson…very tall women…fashion model and actress in Beverly Hills Cop 1, 2, and 3. Have fun….any more q’s just contact me.  I am 5′ 11 and past 6 ft. in heels………no problems.

      Hugs……Dame Veronica




      Dame Veronica Graunwolf

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        Thank you Dame for all of the great advice. I have seen Bridget Nelson before. She was tall. I did find a pair of heels with a 2” heel. I wanted something a bit sexy. And these will work for my first shoes.

        Again, thank you!



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      Hi Lauryn,
      You have such a beautiful smile and are so pretty. Just an observation with my first impression! I am 5’9” and wear a 2x shirt and 18w-20w skirt or pants. I am slowly trying to lose weight myself and I know I will never be a skinny Minnie in any sense of the word. You are on the right track for losing weight but you don’t want to put on muscle or tone up muscles. Aerobic exercise is best to lose weight and a proper diet is a must. You can go to a Sephora and join their makeup group which teaches you makeup application and coloring. Lane Bryant and Casique for woman’s clothing and DSW for shoes. I apologize but that is all the advice I have at this time. I hope someone else has more and better advice. Love ❤️ and hugs 🤗
      Danielle 💋👠

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        Hey Danielle,

        Thank you for the great advice. I am definitely going to take it to heart. I really appreciate it. I am not going to do any weight training. I don’t want muscle. I only want cardio to lose the weight. I have lost about 20#s. Do you know if Lane Bryan’s is trans friendly? I would really love to be fitted for a bra at some point. And does DSW have larger shoes? I wear a 16 woman’s. I went to a drag queen store in Denver today and tried a pair of pumps on. Only about a 2” heel. And they fit great. Don’t want to be too much taller. All ready 6’3”.

        Thanks again,



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          Hey Lauryn,
          Yes Lane Bryant and Casique are Trans friendly. I just looked and DEW has a few size 16. Another site “” has larger sizes up to size 16 in high and low heels with some cute shoes to choose from. They have their choices or women, men, drag queen, 2” and 3” heels. I believe Victoria’s Secret will do a bra fitting for you with no troubles all, they are very trans friendly. I shop more online where I have a better choice and can mold the. Amazon and EBay are where I have purchased my wardrobe, shoes, and lingerie. You can set search parameters for plus size then give specific size info. I do hope you stay around awhile 😃! Love ❤️ and hugs 🤗
          Danielle 💋👠

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