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      How do you feel when you’re out & about & perhaps you end up at a cocktail bar,,, alone and you are there alone on your own & most of the rest of the people happen to be much younger than you how do you feel? Do you leave or stay? 

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      Rami Love

      I answered yes , since starting on HRT in March my going out has consisted of online support meetings which either consist of people either generations younger or a generation older.

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      Before transitioning I was always conscious of being much older than the others present. But living as a male I was comparing myself to other males. I also never felt like I fit in when I was in a male only group when the Testosterone was flowing.

      Now that I am living as a female and have a puberty level of Estrogen in my system I feel much younger and look younger also. I find myself comfortable in any mixed group of people since I can be my real self.

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      I am very proud of my girl self. In fact, I am dating a much younger girl. I love being out with many different ages. I love compliments I’ve received and I’m in my 60’s.

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        Hello Cindy. I am going to send you a friend request and PM about what you said in your post about your relationship with a younger person. I really need some reassurance about the same thing.

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      Cynthia S

      Voted yes (for remain) I mix with folks older, younger, and my own age.

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      [postquote quote=90703]
      i voted yes, i quite enjoy being in company of younger people as much as the same age as me

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      I have younger friends and I have older friends.  Age is just a number, oh and more wear to your joints.

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      I didn’t vote though I have never felt ill at ease with a younger crowd… or an older one for that matter. If the company is good then ‘nuff said.
      I have friends 30 years younger and my other friends are in all sorts of age categories as well…
      Be your age but you don’t have to act your age either


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      I’m older and prefer to hang with my age group. The rest depends. I have younger friends but I know them and that’s different. I was going to a support group but as the only one near 60+ I quit going. I learned a lot but couldn’t relate. We’d go for drinks later but it became awkward. So I left.

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      I stay , age is just a number and has no meaning in the grand scheme of ones life journey . More people we meet the more kindness is shared among those who want to enrich their lives .


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      Mia Story

      age can be a factor about relating. with women i usually like to talk with older girls. with tgirls i’m not sure as there are none here! i have met a few tgirls passing through but that doesn’t  count. i have some dear female friends who are younger. but i really don’t relate socially with them.

      as for men, it doesn’t matter. i don’t date them anymore and they are not what i want. so i just stay away. there is a barista i like but he is really just working.

      going out? ha! i once had a younger girl friend who would try to get me to go out to bars. so embarrassing! and i don’t like booze. or smoking.

      i find coffee houses are much nicer places to meet people. i have enjoyed them. and our library can be good as we are allowed to talk there. people in my neighborhood are nice. but its only passing greetings mostly.

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      Hi Kara…

      I talk with anyone and everyone. I give compliments to all and sundry regardless of age or gender (always with a ‘by your leave’ I hasten to add). I smile back when smiled at. I have young and older friends… i don’t even mind dining on my own though I usually dine with my wife and friends… so I voted “yes!”

      Hugs Polly

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      My most trusted confidant is a GG my daughter’s age..40ish. Much younger than me but has a very clear perspective and is a joy to share Haley with. Her friends are amazing too..20-25 years younger and what they think is different than our generation. I was fortunate to find acceptance when I came out to her…the first person I trusted enough to share Haley with…if you don’t count Steve😉



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      Younger people are much more fun.  People that are my age that aren’t queer usually just laugh or sneer.

      Younger people often can’t relate to me, but they are much more often “way-more-accepting!”.

      As the old start to drool, let the young people rule!

      I am so glad today’s young people will soon rule! (as I wipe off my drool)


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      Myself if they are total strangers I feel more comfortable around others around my age or a mix of ages with many my age or older vs if there was a bunch of people age 25 or less.

      I think it comes down to my fear of someone stereotyping/ falsely labeling me as being a creepy transgender MTF in that they might be like why is this transgender MTF hanging around us unless there is some sort of creepy intent.

      So the fears that others have in transgender MTF has me fearful of being falsely identified as someone creepy or a threat to others when I am not! I had a teaching position that I also had to quit when a teacher told me that they advised that I step down to protect myself from false accusations as transgender individuals are looked at as “Guilty until proven Innocent” and so I just don’t set myself up for any kind of trouble in a world that is so quick to falsely accuse or stereotype.

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        I feel that the younger people are more accepting than those my age.  I am more apt to stay and possibly mingle a bit.

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          Dana Munson

          I agree, Karynn. I too believe younger folks – as in the 20-40 years range – tend to be more accepting of trans folk. They have grown up in a world where the whole idea of being “trans” is much more in the open and, overall, less controversial.  That said, yes, there are still young bigots out there, as well as accepting older folks.

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      Dana Munson

      I didn’t vote, since the 2 questions posed are not “yes/no” questions.

      That said, the age mix of the environment I find myself in doesn’t matter to me terribly, although I suppose I do not consciously wade into groups of kids (i.e., under 21).  I also avoid boozy and/or smoking locales, not because of age concerns, but simply because I hate tobacco smoke and don’t find much endearing ambience in bars or nightclubs. But, hey, I live 24/7 as a woman, legally am a woman (got the paperwork and ID to prove it!), and I feel entitled to go wherever a woman my age is entitled to go and do whatever she is entitled (and capable) to do. Grocery shopping, shopping around at a local mall, going to a movie theater. . . all ages are usually present and you just have to accept that fact in advance if you’re going to be in those places and live a normal life.

      I am pretty sure I do not fully “pass” 100% of the time, in all places and with everyone with whom I rub shoulders. But, to judge from others’ reactions to me thus far, in all the places I’ve been as a woman, if I am not taken to be a born woman, then I either look and act acceptably enough to be treated as a regular woman, or else I am simply not “interesting” enough to make any big deal about.  Any of those three reactions suits my purposes.

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