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      Are ankle bracelets still a thing? I don’t see as many anymore out there. I still wear one quite often but freak out if it catches on my hose. Still, they look and feel nice. How about you? Do you wear one?

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      I wear one at times, but not often. I have seen others wearing them at times.

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      I wear at least 1, always, sometimes a few. I don’t care if they’re out of style, I always liked them so I’m wearing them.

      yes mine catch on boots or leggings n rip or break do good news is I usually haven’t paid a lot for the now broken anklet…but yes I wear them because I like them. it’s one more little things we can wear as girls, that others can’t…and that’s a good thing 😀😃

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      DeeAnn Hopings

      I have never owned any as there isn’t a lot of point to attract attention to my arthritic ankles.

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        Toni Floria

        I love them they are very feminine to me

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        DeeAnn,  wear it because it makes you beautiful inside, not for others to comment on.  No one can take your inner beauty from you hon. Love yourself first.

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      Dana Munson

      You know, I honestly haven’t been checking girls’ ankles to see whether the ankle bracelets are still a thing. I don’t have any ankle bracelets, per se, but do have a couple of wrist bracelets which can do double duty. I frankly wear ankle bracelets very rarely. They’re neat and very girly, true. But women my age usually need to guard against trying to look too “young.” Doesn’t often work as a look.  And ankle bracelets strike me as a rather “young” thing to wear. I may be wrong here, but that’s my take at the moment.

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        I see a lot of women on beaches wearing them, over 50,  in the Caribbean and they look sexy in a bathing suit. I lost one in the pool in Cuba this past winter so I hope who finds it enjoys it.

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        Girl, we never get older than 49, ever. Lol


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      I wear one most all of the time even in male mode.

      I wear shorts and flip flops most of the time. It doesn’t matter what mode I am in, my legs are shaven, my toe nails are painted, and I wear an ankle bracelet, a bracelet, and ear rings. It goes a long way in helping with my dysphoria when I am in male mode.

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        Toni Floria

        I wear mine when in femme mode afraid to wear it when I’m around “the guys” afraid I’ll get called out  I painted my toe nails but wear footlets to cover up

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      Sometimes I wear an ankle bracelet in the summer with sandals and flip flops. Not sure if they are still as popular, I have always found anklets to be very feminine and pretty.

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