“Anti-Drag Show” Law

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      I understand that Arkansas has enacted an ADS law effective today.  It applies to “Drag Shows” performed in any location  that minors may attend.  A similar bill is going to the Governor or Oklahoma for signature.

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      DeeAnn Hopings

      There is a basic fallacy in all of this. It is the erroneous belief that you can “make” someone gay or trans. If that was true, then conversion therapy would work; only it doesn’t.

      There have been studies of brain scans of gay and trans folks that suggest that the differences seen are more like the opposite sex and the opposite gender assigned at birth, respectively. Unfortunately no one has yet gathered enough resources for large studies that would lead to full conclusions. If this comes to pass, it should put paid to that “it’s a choice” BS.

      Several years ago a number of founders and leaders of ex-gay organizations left those organizations and published an Open Letter. The text can be found here:


      The original letter had 7 assignees. On that page you can see how many others have signed up since.

      There is also a Netflix documentary:


      To me, these bills are nothing more than throwing red meat to a certain group of constituents. Also, consider that the population of the US is closing in on 330,000,000 people. Trans adults and teenagers represent approximately 0.6% of the population, or about 2,000,000. Is this really a good use of time for politicians given the MAJOR and REAL issues that we are facing?

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      I have been to quite a few drag shows, and I can think of non of them I would take a minor too. They all most always have topics that are way over exaggerated usually in a sex theme. And the crowds that tend to go are just as bad. It has been a couple of years since I went to one and maybe drag shows have become PG but I doubt it, and if they did all become PG I would not consider going to them any more, as the sex banter is part of the performance that I enjoy.

      And no offense to anyone but kids are impressionable. If they were not they could not learn anything more than monkeys do. I am fairly sure you can not make someone gay or trans but certainly you can teach morals and right from wrong. And kids get duped all the time into doing stuff, if not no kids would ever do drugs or drink and they would all be perfect angles to their parents.  Just this go around it is the society who is peer pressuring the kids into whatever. If society taught kids from adolescence it was ok to use a gun to shoot anyone who made them angry. Sure some of them would not do shoot but even if 1% did it and it was accepted it would be a horror beyond belief. Same is true I would not want my most hated enemy to have to be transgender and live with what I have been through and if there was even a 0.0000000001% chance that making transgendered a society widely accepted thing would make a kid get confused and do the wrong thing it would be a tragedy.

      Let’s put it this way: At work there is a rule that no-one is allowed to have a phone or any electronic device on them or use it while at work. I know for a fact every single person has broken this rule just about every single day. So why pray tell do they have the rule??? Everyone knows that no-one follows the rule. Problem is if you eliminate the rule it leads to people not trying to hide the phones or to abuse the use of them at work. Thus making work inefficient and not getting done do to distractions. Similar to the whole trans society acceptance thing, what pandora box do you open up, there are parents who think it is ok for their kid to take a ‘litter box’ to school because he identifies as a cat, look it up it was in the Baltimore news. Personally I not only have Gender Dysphoria but I am also getting Age Dysphoria, but society right now does not accept my Age Dysphoria yet. What about those furry’s should we add litter boxes to all schools and tell all kids it is ok to use it maybe even force them? Let coworkers go out for walks to crap in the lawn just because they identify that they are a dog? This I know is an extreme, but once the door is open it is open…

      On the other hand maybe my life would not be as hard if I was accepted since I was a little kid. Problem is for society too function it needs boundaries and social norms, if not it will collapse, history has proven this. We as transgender people are on the fringe of society not part of social norms, and as were are only “5%” of the population we should not be dictating what social norms should be to the other 95%. Sure it would be nice not to get hated on because we are on the fringe, being allowed to live in peace in our own way is our right as we are not hurting anyone. But as history has shown the fringe/different/weird are always feared by the masses and usually to the minorities detriment. What society needs is not to be afraid of us and leave us in peace, they do not need to accept us as one of them because they never will do that, just as we are not like them, will never will be that.         PRIDE.




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        DeeAnn Hopings

        Note that trans adults (18 and over) and teenagers (13 to 18) represent about 0.6% of the US population. Just as a data point, intersex people represent about 1.6%.

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        I think you might find that US society does tell children that it’s okay to use a gun to solve their problems: have you not watched much TV or films lately? And as for that widely-disseminated myth about furries and litter boxes, that’s all it was – a myth put about by trans-haters.

        As for drag queen story hours, they are always designed to be entirely appropriate and understandable for their very young audience. This in a piece about Belfast-based Matt Cavan a.k.a. Cherrie Ontop in Pink News:

        “We’ve been trying to keep the events as hush as possible, because they are for children and full of joy and love. They are not political. I don’t think that children should have to come into contact with protests,” he explains. But he’s frustrated at right-wing suggestions that being around LGBTQ+ people and drag queens can influence a child’s sexuality.

        “Growing up I was read all of these fairytales about straight princes and princesses and I didn’t turn out to be straight,” he says. “So people talking about the gay agenda – that is not what these events are about by any stretch of the imagination. We’re not trying to turn people gay, because as gay people, we know that that’s not how it works.”

        Explaining the true purpose of these story times, he says: “These story times are to show children that there are people in this world that are going to be incredibly different from them and that’s okay. Or they might feel incredibly different from what society tells them and that is also okay, and we should celebrate that. It’s not about sexuality or gender. I think that society is giving children a place to be able to think for themselves and that is scary for non-liberals because how are they going to control that in later life?”

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          DeeAnn Hopings

          A couple of days ago I saw some data from a survey in the UK. From that survey, the trans population was found to be 0.5%. That tracks very closely with what the Williams Institute found here in the US, but as I remember (which can always be suspect!), the age cutoff in the UK may have been a bit higher. The Williams Institute used 13 to 18 for young people (~600,000) and 18 and over for adults (~1,400,00).

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          I know, it is a horror that kids think it is ok to kill to solve problems. TV, video games etc desensitize them. There was a good book called “On killing” that goes fairly deep into the subject.

          And I 100% agree the gov/news agencies/internet puts out fake news and propaganda all the time. However they only way to make a judgment call on what is real or fake or not is to know from 1st hand experience.  I knew a few furry’s back in the day and a few who used litter boxes for a time. So not a hard leap of thinking to make in this era of pushed acceptance that the news might be correct. However none of my furry friends were so brazen to publicly put it out there.  And if you ask them today they most like will deny it.

          The shear fact my % was/is possibly wrong is one of those incidents. (I actually took it from a news site)  I should have only made the statement based on personal experience with people. Out of admitted trans  people I know the % is far lower then 5%, but such a hard number to gauge as we all no many people just do not share with others this aspect.

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      My belief is these kids would not understand the show anyway, so why not just set an age limit, vs. Banishing shows? Because this all has certain people making personal gains  written all over it.

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      [postquote quote=136618]
      Why would children not understand a ‘show’ – by which is meant a drag queen reading a children’s story book – that is designed for them? Parents have the right to decide what their tiny children can see, and not a right-wing sect.

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      This isn’t about children. It’s about enacting laws that make it easier to prosecute gender non-conformative people. The laws are being so widely worded that potentially, law enforcement can charge someone if their ID says ‘M’ and they’re presenting female, in a public space where children are present.

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      This topic has made me think so hard I decided to go see a PG rated drag show over the weekend, to see if it can really be done. I stand corrected, it can, but with a caveat.

      We all know the personification of Drag shows is the over sexualization of women and mostly in the past dominated by white gay males. There is currently a grass roots movement trying to change this fact and take the internal back stage negativity out of the industry, but this will take time. It just so happens I went and saw a Bubblepop Entertainment production geared down to be kid friendly and most of the performers where minority women (yes FAB or cis women of color). Afterward I had a Q&A with the performers and host of the show to get down to the bottom of the issue. I will say this, Drag is a performance entertainment, that like all genres of entertainment does not pay enough to make ends meet and most are in it for something other than money.

      So why be a performer if it pays little or no money? Unanimously all the performers said when they put on the costume, be it the clothing, shoes, makeup, or false eyelashes, it was like an armor that protected them, and going out on stage was a release or expression of who they are that in the other areas of their lives they can not be.  All of my friends and acquaintances who were/are drag performers (a couple dozen in my life time) seem to confirm this thinking of the reasons as to why, I just never considered it much till now.

      (Side note: I went to a cosplay convention to see the drag show and there was well over two or three hundred furies at the event, they do exist and please do not invalidate them by saying they were invented by the media or powers that be as a hate weapon, they are people too.)

      The reason I bring up the motivations of a Drag performer is that it has nothing to do with trying to corrupt the minds of people at all, it is a place of expression or a place to be free to be me spot, no ill will is intended. The costumes generally are no more sexualized than a Disney flick, but even if they are they can easily be geared down. The dance and songs are in the same category, in fact a few performances I saw where based on Disney characters. The only area of contention was the sexual banter, I noticed it in some of the performers, and they really tried hard to remove the sexual talk and innuendo from the performance. After watching I think removing it can be done but the writers of the scripts (usually the performers them selves) really need to do their due diligence when creating a performance that is to be kid friendly. Hard part is that the motivation behind the performers is to release a pent up part of their expression, usually a sexual related one. So if you are a performer reading this, PG material really needs to be checked and rechecked for kid viewing. If you are going to take your kids to see a Drag performance you really need to do your due diligence to make sure you are vetting your shows/performers as there really is no regulation or governing body on the performers at this time.

      For me was it still entertaining? Yes as I love costumes and performance in general however it was lacking on that sex banter that in a way as it is a release for the performers it is also a release for me as the entertained, (the audience) and most adults find funny and the reason to go to the show. Humor after all is a way of making lite of life’s pains.





      The Real question is: Why is femininity one of life’s pains that society needs a release for? I might make a new post/topic for this question when it is not 2am in the morning.


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