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      I am considering “upgrading” to a more expensive type of 3 or 4 in 1 STP, but I know one’s personal anatomy and body size affects the effectiveness of the “prosthetic.” I like the one I have, I just want one that is more realistic looking. I spend around $150 (US) for the one I have now, but I would be willing to spend up to $400 for a new one… Any suggestions.

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      Michelle Lawson

      Boyce, I’m probably not much help to you, and I’m sure you have probably looked…. but on that cosmic weird outside chance; have you checked out the F>M Chat Rooms and Forums here? Given what I have experienced in the M>F Forums and Chat Rooms, I’d expect those to be pretty similar. Another great resource I have found is TransgenderMap <;. I hope you can find something helpful, and your journey gets a little lighter. Michelle

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      Hi Boyce, I can’t really help with your options as every STP I tried has failed.  l spent a good amount of money on various ones and I was not able to successfully use them and eventually gave up.  I wish you the best in your search. Wrigley

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      In my opinion, no they’re not. ReelMagik isn’t bad, though I find most STPs are the same whether they’re $50 or $500 because they’re all designed the same way with the cup that goes over your entire anatomy. Unless there’s something you don’t like about your current STP, I wouldn’t go spending a ton of money on something.

      Depending on what you already have, and you want something more realistic, I would highly recommend YourWillieShop. Though, if you’ve never used a medicine spoon type of product, it’s something to get used to. Though, I found it easier to use than the alternative designs.

      The other thing is most of the more expensive STPs are usually 3-in-1’s which I find are too big to pack with if you’re going to be using them on a daily basis, and can be awkward to position so it doesn’t look like you’ve got a boner.

      If you’re interested in getting a prosthetic for play, I would suggest getting a good one you feel comfortable with for packing and peeing, and a separate one for play.

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      Logan R

      From what ive seen, reelmagik does the job well. There are lots of good reviews for it and you can customize your own

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      I have not tried an STP but, was considering one. I just have some questions about them. Are they worth buying? Are they difficult to use? Do they stay put or fall of often/easily? Does it really help with dysphoria?

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        Rene A.G.

        I got one. They are fun. It’s my first from transthetics. I’m happy. I wrap it up in storage as a “pet”. Lol since it came in a soft blanket sock thing. Okay, pouch. I hope you meant what I thought you did. Mine is realistic, not overly anything, but well made and really does work. I’d be happy to go further in detail, if needed, as far as how well it’s made, etc.

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      As Ryan T. stated above, most STPs are the same. I know there’s a dysphoria about not standing to go pee – I have that as well. However, there are pros and cons of using a STP.

      Pros – Mostly because they answer that dysphoria of being a “real man” standing and peeing. They can be quick when you want to pee and go.

      Cons – STPs can slip, dribble, retain (not fully empty), and can look like you have an erection if it slips out of place or is too big.

      There are more that are of an individual’s thoughts and can vary. Some think they are easy to use and some do not. A friend of mine doesn’t use one that looks at all like a penis. In fact, it’s a lid to a Pyrex bowl that he keeps in his pocket and has learned to use without fail. But he only uses it if he needs to.

      Me? I have used a few. ReelMagik is one of them. It got wearisome to use the glue to keep it in place. In fact one time, the glue didn’t hold and I found I had wet my pants. I don’t say that to frighten anyone, but it is a reality some (like me) have had.

      A couple of things to think about. In the mens’ room, no one cares about you going to the bathroom. I actually had a conversation with a co-worker of mine as I was starting my transition and he stated to me that very thing. No one looks twice if you step into a stall. Furthermore, it’s none of their business. Truly.

      I was listening to Sean Hayes speak and he’s not the only one I’ve heard say this, but sitting down to pee is actually less messy. In fact, there are European customs where it is impolite to stand and pee.

      Bottom line up front: There is no one consensus on using STPs. Start with the less expensive ones. If you feel you want to go for more and can afford it, then try that. A more realistic one is for your dysphoria and no one else. That there, is the most important aspect of this whole thing. You have to be comfortable with what you do and who you are to you.

      I hope this helps.

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      I recently found a great store, their profile looks and feels authentic to me, I recommend it to you, I hope it helps

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